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DIY At home

Spring ! Spring ! Spring ! The snow has melted away and each day the temperatures warm a little bit more, enticing us into more outdoor time. Where to start? Here’s a short list to jump-start your springtime gardening":

Toxicodendron radicans,  Poison ivy
  • Thinking about adding new plants? Most nurseries are not open yet, but there’s planning to do! Email me to schedule a consultation.

  • Assess your trees and shrubs for winter damage. Carefully prune out any broken branches.

  • Need a pruning refresher? Schedule your first pruning lesson of the season.

  • Start soil testing areas to see if you need to fertilize, or where you’d like to create a new garden bed. Help is here!

  • Place plant supports and stakes before perennials emerge.

  • Find a gardening journal for recording the coming year's plans, tasks, and successes!


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