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DIY At home

It's amazing how quickly summer arrives! With sunnier, hotter days in our future, it's time to shift our focus from the garden's spring tasks to those of summer. The first item is a must-do, so be sure to keep this one at the top of your list for the next few months.

  Toxicodendron radicans,  Poison ivy

Toxicodendron radicans, Poison ivy

  • Water, water, water. The most important factor in ensuring new plants’ survival is proper watering. Check soil moisture every other day, and water as needed to keep soil moist. New plantings should be monitored for at least one year.
  • Water woody plants slowly and deeply. You can also use tree watering bags or install drip irrigation.
  • Create a 3” deep mulch ring around the base of your new plants, keeping it away from the trunk/stems. A layer of mulch helps retain moisture, moderates soil temperature, adds organic matter to the soil, and helps keep weeds at bay!
  • Remove weeds by the roots, if possible. For large areas, stringtrim to lop off flowers before they turn to seed!
  • With ideal weather for planting behind us, now is the time to plan for fall. Schedule a consultation today.
  • Start pruning early-blooming shrubs like lilacs, forsythia, and rhododendron before they start forming next year's flower buds. Need a pruning refresher?


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